Jane paints in oils and specialises in portraits. She can be commissioned to paint individuals or groups.

She has painted a number of notable portraits, including Mark Gatiss (actor, comedian, screenwriter, director, producer and novelist), Adam Rutherford (geneticist, author, and broadcaster), Turi King (Professor of Public Engagement at University of Leicester), and Ben Jackson (BBC Radio Leicester).

She works from either a live sitting or from photographs – or, more usually, from a combination of both!

Contact Jane by phone or email to discuss your commission requirements.

Mark Gatiss oil on canvas, 60cm x 80cmMark is an English actor, comedian, screenwriter, director, producer and novelist. His work includes writing for and acting in the TV series Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Dracula. He is a member of the comedy team The League of Gentlemen.
Professor Turi Kingoil on canvas, 50cm x 50cm – Turi is a Canadian-British Professor of Public Engagement, and a Reader in Genetics and Archaeology at the University of Leicester. She is best known for her work in cracking one of the biggest forensic DNA cases in history during the exhumation and reburial of Richard III of England.
Ben Jackson (BBC Radio Leicester) – oil on canvas, 40cm x 40cm
Kerr Family Commissionoil on board, 25cm x 30cm
Pierretteoil on canvas, 30cm x 30cm
Harryoil on board, 25cm x 25cm